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Super US-6
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AT-5 Elite - 12 Volt
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SUS-9HD Powerful Teaser reel
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Feedback from Satisfied Customers

"Hi, I Have used Miya Epoch reels now for the last 7 years, I swear by them they are awesome..." Thank you, Michael C.

"I'm in portugal and I have a miya epoch command x8s and we have caught 40 big fish (wreckfish) with it , in 800 meters deep about 45 miles from the coast. I will send you the movie and more pictures also if you are interested. Some times we caught five in one line. It's a good reel." Best Regards, Emanuel B.

"I would like to thank you for making a great product. I love my Command X-6Z Electric reel. On A recent off-shore fishing trip I was able to bring my fish up with ease. My friends were in awe of me as they struggled to hoist their fish over the rail. I will never fish in extreme deep water with out my electric reel. Keep up the good work!" Roger B. from Philadelphia, PA (Dec 2005)

"Ifve taken my top supervisors to Alaska to fish for Halibut and Salmon for the past 6 years in a row. Wefve had great success over the past years, but after the first year there having to reel up halibut after halibut, sometimes 20 per hour, I swore that someday soon Ifd buy an electric reel. Every year after that I said the same thing. Early in 2005, I had rotator cup surgery on my right shoulder and several months later took my supervisors to Alaska for our fifth year in a row. After that trip, I said, gFor sure next year Ifll have an electric reel!ENow that brings me to Swing Cast. I told my assistant to pull up information on electric fishing reels and put it on my desk. When I returned, there was the information I requested, with a phone number. I called Swing Cast, and very promptly, Jeff at Swing Cast returned my call. He was great on answering all my questions and we decided that the best reel for my needs and budget was the Miya Epoch Command x6-Z. I had 300 yards of 100lb. spectra line put on it and away we went on our sixth year to Alaska, (by the way at the long fin in orange where I had my line put on, my reel was the talk of the store, as they had never seen one before.) On our first day of four halibut trips after about 10 minutes I new I made a great choice with my reel, at first a couple of guys on the boat joked with me. Half way through the day they ivied me, and all said by the end of the day that if they ever fished in Alaska again theyfd buy one too. Even the captain of the boat and the deck hand said they should get them for there boat, but quickly changed there minds when they saw me bring in 4 fish to every 1 fish with a conventional reel, much more work for them as they take the fish off your line for you!

My experience with Swing Cast was wonderful and they were there for me from the very beginning, and there reel was one of the best investments Ifve ever made. By the way this year was not our best year of fishing but in four, 1 day trips my reel brought in about 120 halibut with the largest on being about 78lb. Lots of chickens, (small halibut 20-30 lb) but my reel worked like a champ!

If anybody had any question please donft hesitate to call me at home 714-974-3222" Sincerely, one satisfied Swing Cast Customer: John Sheatz (July 2006)

"WOW!!! This reel isn't just a fishing reel - it's an "intelligent fish-catching MACHINE". I haven't even gone out with it yet and I'm in LOVE. Beautiful, balanced and BUILT LIKE A TANK. One complaint - it has MORE GREAT FEATURES than you advertised :) You can tell how TOTALLY THRILLED I am with this machine - not to mention the BEST ONLINE CUSTOMER SERVICE I've ever had. And that's on top of the best price? Can you tell I'm HAPPY with this reel and SWINGCAST.COM??? Will write more when I get line loaded and actually GO FISH!!! " Randy C. from Fort Lauderdale, FL

"I am extremely pleased with my purchasing experiences with swing-cast from start to finish. Their personnel are knowledgeable, courteous and helpful. I look forward to doing business with them again." Glen K. from Lexington, NC