World's Most Sohpisticated Teaser Reels!

Mini-Winches for Outrigger, Spreader Bar, Teaser, kite, Balloon, Deep Well, R&D., etc. Before, it took a few men to grab the reel and start cranking as quickly as they can. Now, with the new Miya Epoch, you can do it all with a press of a button. It is ideal for Teaser, Kite, Balloon, and Deep Water Fishing. The Miya Epoch reel will start cranking as soon as you see the action, so you won't miss the big one. Equipped with a powerful D.C. 24 Volt perm magnet motor, with a top speed of 400 rpm! It retrieves the line quickly and automatically stops at the release position. So when the fish bites, press a button, and it will give you more time to enjoy your battle with the right thing. With simplicity and speed, you'll be ready to catch the eye of the fish again. A new Automatic Release with Remote Control (R Series only) gives you complete control from the deck. All reels can be made with optional three types of remote controls. Advanced Computerized Features are: Automatic Release, Recall Stop, Auto Winding, Zero Stop, Slow Start and Slow Stop, Variable Speed, LCD Display, Line Counter and Overload Protection. *Operates by D.C 24 volt Only, No handle, No Harness lug. Delivery: 2 to 8 weeks. *Remote Control Installation Avaliable, No Handle

Miya Epoch AT-5 Elite Powerful midsize reel
Regular price: $1,889.00
Sale price: $1,499.00
Regular price: $1,329.00
Sale price: $1,189.00
Miya Epoch CX-7 IT Special with ATC system
Regular price: $1,895.00
Sale price: $1,699.00
Super US-8
Regular price: $2,219.00
Sale price: $1,989.00
US-9 Super
Regular price: $3,699.00
Sale price: $3,249.00
Teaser Reel Specifications
SUS-9HD Powerful Teaser reel
Regular price: $3,699.00
Sale price: $3,329.00