Powerful mid size reel, Fish bottom fish down to 1,800 ft. deep. 12 or 24 volt are available.

Miya Epoch CX-7Z Automatic Tension Control reel
Miya Epoch CX-7Z Automatic Tension Control reel
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Product Description

The CX-7 Z is designed to hold 20% more line and about 20% more retrive power than the CX-7 SP or CX-7 IT Special. It has ATC system and all of functions and features are almost same as CX-7 SP or CX-7 IT except it does not comes with the reel guard and reads revolution of the spool only. The original brown color made this reel most economical in the CX-7 series. More Powerful and more line capacity make you go down deeper. Great for all purpose fishing from light to medium fishing. Excellent from charter boats, party boats, or even from the back of your own boat!



Reel Size:



8.5"(W) x 7.4"(L) x 4.5"(H)


7 lbs

Max. Drag

100 lbs

Winding Speed

(No Load) 0-400rpm (up to 480 ft/min 155m/min)

Hoisting Power

(max. momentum) 40~110 lbs (12V) 0.7~14AH(24V)

Line Capacity

(Miya Deep Sensor line) 1000 yds of 110 lbs. 0.57 mm diameter line

Current consumption

D.C.12 Volts 1.4 ~ 20 AH(12V) 0.7 ~ 14AH(24V)